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I believe art and science make the civilization move forward. Art produces the dream, and science makes the dream come true. That's way I chose character animation to be my PhD research direction, interned with Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscar), and worked on 2D animation research in Adobe. Particularly, I worked on simulating human motion for object manipulation. Now, it naturally transits to simulating robot motion to learn object manipulation skills. 



X (Formerly Google [X])

Senior Software Engineer, 2016.2 - 2019.4

2010 - 2015

Georgia Institute of Technology, US

Ph.D., Compute Science

Georgia Institute of Technology

Graduate Research Assistant, 2010.8 - 2015.12


Software Intern, 2015.5 - 2015.8

2006 - 2010

Tsinghua University, China

B.E., Automation

Adobe Research

Research Intern, 2014.5 - 2014.8

Rhythm & Hues Studios

R&D Intern, 2011.5 - 2011.8

X (Formerly Google [X])

Staff Software Engineer, 2019.4 - Present

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